Monday, October 1, 2012

Loving on Minneapolis

Just home from a long weekend away in Minneapolis. I'm so full of love as I look at this photo.

Love for the beautiful weather we had while there. Love for the fun outings we took, including the Como Park Zoo where I snapped this picture. Love for a gorgeous city I got to return to and further explore. And love for two boys who are blossoming into awesome little travelers. (Not to say there weren't a few tantrums and meltdowns mixed in with all this sunshine and flowers...)

And most importantly, love for my brother-in-law (you'll spot him in the background with Big Arrow on his shoulders) and sister-in-law. They love the Arrows so much it makes my heart melt. And they were amazing hosts. We can't wait to come back. They, however, are probably still recovering from having two little ones crawl, snot, cough, run, and bounce all over their house.

I'll be sharing a little more on how we spent our long weekend in the Twin Cities on Friday, so check back if you've got travel plans that way anytime soon.

This post is part of You Capture at I Should Be Folding Laundry. The theme this week is something you love.


  1. Great capture! We went to the Philly Zoo this past week during our vacation. If you haven't been I definitely recommend.

  2. Oh wow...what a great picture, such pretty sunflowers :)

  3. Beautiful shot! I love sunflowers too. There's just something so bold about them, long after many other flowers have died :)

  4. That is a great shot! I bet it was a beautiful drive this weekend.