Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Cabin Fever Cures: Favorite Posts of the Week

Over the last few weeks, I've whined about being stuck inside the house on this blog (which is all about getting out with your kids... the irony is not lost on me!) I promise, no more complaining. Mostly because we're heading to the Sunshine State in less than two weeks! YEAH!

I found some great ideas for indoor fun this week. Two for the kids, one for you parents. I hope it helps with your cabin fever.

Indoor Fun for Kids:

Ice Ornaments at Adventure Tykes: The arrow hasn't been real keen on snow this winter. This is a great activity for us to try because the bulk of it takes place indoors. I think he'll love watching his sparkly creation hanging from a tree!

Grow a Sweet Potato from Go Explore Nature: You all already know I love Debi. So it comes as no surprise that she shares yet another great idea. I've also heard you can do this with an avocado pit, so we might give them both a try. Maybe I'll even get the arrow to eat one of these tasty, nutritious foods!

The best part is that both of these ideas incorporate the wonders of Mother Nature. Something we've been sorely lacking these days.

Not loving the snow.

Indoor Fun for Grown-Ups:

All About Photobooks from Classy Chaos: I'm an avid photobook fan because it helps me keep our pictures updated and organized without taking much time. I use Snapfish, not Shutterfly like you'll see in this post, but they are similar from what I hear. If you're stuck inside, think about getting caught up on those family memories and make a book! I can do a year's worth of photos in about a week, spending an hour or two each night on it. (Plus, you can watch mind-numbing reality television while doing it. Am I oversharing?)

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  1. The ice ornaments are such a cute idea! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Thanks for the mention! I love Kari's idea, too and hope you guys try it out! :o)