Saturday, October 30, 2010

Favorite Posts of the Week: Keep an Open Mind

During dinner one night on our trip to Phoenix, we talked about a week-long boat trip in the Grand Canyon that my in-laws have all done. I immediately dismissed it as something I wouldn't like (hot temps, stuck in a boat for 7 days, less than desirable boat companions, etc.). Ironically, the last couple of weeks I have found some great posts about all the fun you can have when traveling if you keep an open mind. Message received.

Vegas and I: A "Like" Story from Globetrotting Mama
I felt the same way about Las Vegas before I visited, and like her, turns out I loved it.

Camping with Kids: The "Somewhat Roughing It" Version from The Q Family Adventures
I've always loved to camp, but I know many, many people who won't even consider it. This is a great post about one skeptical family's introduction to camping. And there's nothing wrong with "somewhat roughing it."

The One Where the Average Girl Attends the Greatest Spectacle in Racing from Moosh in Indy
I'm not a beer-guzzling car nut. But I go to the Indy 500 as often as I can. That might sound crazy, but read this post. It captures all the reasons why I love spending the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, in a much more beautiful and articulate way than I could ever express.

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  1. Thank you! You are an inspiration for us to do more camping! :)